Daily Selfcare Tracker FREE download

During this tough time I’ve found it very difficult to stay in a routine but I know it’s important to schedule selfcare activities to help my mental wellbeing! 

I created these self care tracker cards! Each card has 6 self care activities you can complete every day! Sometimes the smallest acts of self care can help your mental wellbeing. Download on the "Free Downloads" Page!

Selfcare Tracker Booklet:

If you don’t have a printer you can purchase the selfcare cards from my Etsy store. The Booklet comes with 7 or 14 cards & you can rip out the sheets once you’ve completed them

(if you want to) 

The Booklet comes with an illustrated sticker sheet that includes 48 individual stickers!

Each activity has 3 sticker designs & the stickers fit perfectly on the cards! 

The Activities:

  • Made your bed

  • Ate fruit & veg

  • Did some exercise

  • Spoke to loved ones

  • Got some fresh air