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Daily Selfcare Tracker


During this tough time I’ve found it very difficult to stay in a routine but I know it’s important to schedule selfcare activities to help my mental wellbeing! 


I created these self care tracker cards! Each card has 6 self care activities you can complete every day! Sometimes the smallest acts of self care can help your mental wellbeing.


I have curated a range of printable worksheets & self care materials that can help with everyday life and help manage your mental health.

All of the resources are free for personal use.

The resource library will be updated regularly! 

You can download the activities by clicking the pdf Icons.


The Senses Grounding Technique


Grounding techniques are a great way to refocus your mind & help calm you down when you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

This grounding technique focuses on the senses! Download your free copy & use it when you need it.



Daily Planner


Planning your day out can help you be more pro-active with your time and can help you feel less anxious about not being prepared. Try and plan out important events (meetings, lectures etc) as well as leisure activities (Catching up with friends, meditating before bed etc). You can download a blank copy of the daily plan to use yourself!


Positive Experiences

This worksheet aims to help you identify positive qualities about yourself. It's very easy to get down on yourself and focus on negative aspects of life but its important not to forget the positives. Help improve your self-esteem by completing this worksheet, you can download the full version of the worksheet by clicking on the PDF icon below!

Positive eXPERIENCES-2.png
Positive eXPERIENCES-2.png


Self Care Challenge


Its important to take care of yourself and do things that make you feel good. Even if you take an hour away from your day to do something relaxing it could help you to feel more positive about life. We have filled in some examples but take the time to customise the activities to your own hobbies and interests.





Reading is known to reduce anxiety and stress. The activity engages your mind and imagination distracting you from your worries.


"Reading for pleasure has been found to improve our confidence and

self-esteem" - BBC

IHopefully the positive message bookmark will inspire you to do some reading!