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On this page you can find a curated selection of articles wrote by fellow peers. We currently have some articles on the themes of alcohol and mental health, managing anxiety at university & body image and mental health.


We are always looking for new content, if you're interested in submitting an article on the topic of mental health you can use our contact form (Navigational Bar > About Us Drop Down > Contact Us.) and let us know what you would like to submit/write about.


Beth Stevens


Catherine Delio

my name is Catherine Delio, I'm 25 years old and live in Melbourne ! A little bit about myself, I'm a qualified hairdresser and proud mumma of my little furbaby Louie (short for Louie Vuitton.. and yes he's definately got the characteristics to match)


Sree Yelamanchi

"I am a 90s girl, avid reader, passionate writer with a dream-filled head and a broken heart. I believe every healing soul finds it's own way to deal with the pain and mine chose writing.I am glad it did."

You can read more of Sree Yelamanchis work on her blog.