Mental Health Resource: I wanted to use my personal experiences with mental health to create a platform to help others. Ive found that talking about my mental health with other people who have their own mental health experiences has helped me tremendously. 


Often when we suffer from mental illnesses we feel alone and excluded from the world. So i created a resource where people share their  personal stories and experiences with mental health. Here you can read peoples experiences and realise that you're not actually alone. You can also use our resource to learn new techniques for dealing with mental illnesses.

It is a very intimidating thing to reach out for professional help when dealing with mental health illnesses. Hopefully people can share their experiences about therapy, how they reached out, how it helped them etc. and it may help others build the confidence to get the help they need.


We are actively working on creating useful resources and will be updating our content regularly.We hope that we can create a safe and supportive community.

You can share your mental health stories below and they may be published.

Share Your sTORY

Pointers for you to write about

  • When did you first experience mental health issues? 

  • How did it affect you in your past?

  • How does it affect you now & in your day to day life?

  • Is there anything you do to combat it (at home remedies etc)?

The Submissions

We create a collection of the stories and enhance them visually, adding illustrations and drawings relating to specific topics in your submissions. You can see an example below of a post. 

Since talking about mental health is very personal and people like to remain anonymous we randomise the illustrations we use as the thumbnail.  The posts will be labelled with hashtags so you can easily search through the stories to find your desired topic.

Mental Health Support

About uS

Find out more about who we are and what our mission is.

You can also submit your own mental health story on this page. More information is provided after the about us section.

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Examples Of Story illustrations

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