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My Name is Bailey & I am a graduate from Manchester School of Art. My art has  a focus on wellbeing and mental health, and how art can help improve those aspects of people’s lives.  Much of my work has involved engaging with people from all walks of life, collaborating with other students and artists, arranging exhibitions and work with venues and Manchester-based charities and even setting up this website. Our Stories Matter combines my art (with a focus on self-care and wellbeing) with community input, be it personal stories about mental health or collaborations with charities and other artists.


On this site you can access free self care downloads, purchase positive message products & see more of my work!


I am also available for illustration/graphic design commissions & workshops. Visit the 'My Work' page to see more of my work & contact details. 


My Goal is to create a safe & positive environment!

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Etsy: Selfcare Booklet & Stickers


Selfcare Tracker Booklet:


If you don’t have a printer you can purchase the selfcare cards from my Etsy store. The Booklet comes with 7 or 14 cards & you can rip out the sheets once you’ve completed them

(if you want to) 


The Booklet comes with an illustrated sticker sheet that includes 48 individual stickers!


Each activity has 3 sticker designs & the stickers fit perfectly on the cards! 

The Activities:

  • Made your bed

  • Ate fruit & veg

  • Did some exercise

  • Spoke to loved ones

  • Got some fresh air



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